"Hi, my name is Natasha terrassa. I am the owner of The Horse Connection.

I started the business 25 years ago with a simple premise of offering customers amazing customer service and great products. I was introduced to Horse Pilot in 2019. And honestly, we had I tried to sell Air vest before and nothing.

There was nothing really on the market that I could get behind and I believed in, they were big, they were bulky. I was honestly concerned about the big aerosol cans in the vests, as a potential danger. So when I was introduced to Horse Pilot, I was immediately impressed with their design, their fit, their comfort and their safety, which has led me to be really excited about the product.

I wear an Air vest myself and I can honestly say they work because I've used it for the intended purpose, I've got bucked off of my horse and got right back up and I shouldn't have, I really shouldn't have. I really should have been a bad fall and I was absolutely fine.

I think that day, I sold three air vest, because I was so impressed with how well, they work. We, then started carrying really getting into the clothing and again, amazing, amazing products Horse Pilot makes their cutting-edge technology.

The fit is great. The product is Materials. I just, I really can't say enough good stuff about everything they make. We have sold Air Vests across the country and what I always tell people, we're here to help you afterwards. Like, if you inflate your vest and are not sure how to put it back together. I have face time with people. I've walked them through it on the phone and that's really what my store is about.

It's similar to Horse Pilot in terms of customer service quality just for that reason. I've found that Horse Pilot and the Horse Connection are a great match and I look forward to many years of carrying their product. Their Air vest, their breeches or shirts all of the above because I just really love it."


Saddlery in Bedford Village

I opened The Horse Connection in Bedford Village 25 years ago in the heart of New York’s horse country. During this time, The Horse Connection has become the place where trainers send their clients of all levels. Our staff are all knowledgeable riders and are trained to fully understand the pros and cons of each product we sell. We never take a “one size fits all” approach, instead matching the product with our customer’s needs and budget. We are able to do this because we have the interest, and take the time, to learn about our customer and her (or his) horse. This is what sets us apart from competitors.


As a long time rider, I know that riding is a dangerous sport.

I have always believed that we owe it to the people who love us, to be as safe as we can be. I believe in the importance of safety equipment and I think the Horse Pilot airbag offers riders a new level of safety. Air vests have been around for years, but I have never found an air vest that most riders would use in daily riding. The unique design of Horse Pilot’s airbag - from the gas cartridge to the fit and comfort of the vest - makes this an airbag vest that riders of all levels will actually wear both schooling and in the show ring.


We stock a wide variety of Horse Pilot clothing

In addition to their air vest, we also stock a wide variety of Horse Pilot clothing. We absolutely love the quality, technology and fit of the breeches, shirts and jackets. Since not all of their products are listed on our website, always feel free to call or email us with any questions. We would be happy to let you know what we have in stock, and answer any question about Horse Pilots, safety vests and clothing.


If I Don’t Trust A Product for Myself and My Horses, I Won’t Sell It to You.

Once we’ve sold you something, we’d appreciate knowing if it was good, great, or occasionally, not so good. Not only does that enable us to make “not so good” right for you, but it helps us get better… we’re always learning, and the experiences of our customers add to our own experiences with our products.

The result: we know which products to trust best for ourselves, our horses, and our customers… and those are the only products we’ll sell to you.

My staff and I look forward to serving you well.

- Natasha Tarasov


38 Village Green, Bedford


Tel: (914) 234-2047
Email: [email protected]

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Reviews (5 / 5)

A. Carpio

THIS IS WHERE TO SHOP! GREAT TACK SHOP!!! Incredibly Friendly Staff & I was pleasantly greeted upon arrival. The Service is Amazing & The folks that work there are Vastly Knowledgeable on every need for the Equestrian. There are 3 Floors of products and all is located in a very charming shop located right in Bedford Village. The Horse Connection is Definitely Affordable & everything you need for the horse & rider showing or pleasure. This is also great shop for New Show Mom's, as the staff knows how to take the lead and make New Show Mom's very comfortable. Upstairs is a great Barbour selection, Horse Items are on the first floor, Everything for the rider is on the main floor with very cute gifts & jewelry throughout the shop. Be sure to not pass up this shop, it is definitely a must. Thank you to Natasha I LOVE My New Breeches!

B. leydes

We have had nothing but positive experiences with Natasha and her extremely knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating staff. From when my daughter first began to ride, there has never been a question that was too mundane. Great inventory and very good prices. Of course, there is nothing like walking in that old Bedford/creaky-floored space. Class act all around.