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Saddlery sadelkoll

Equestrian equipment in Lagan

The horse's equipment is very important for its performance. A saddle that is not optimally positioned can both damage the horse and prevent it from performing the job required by the rider. Horses are large animals with almost 700 muscles in the body and it depends on well-adapted equipment.

I, Zarah Strange, as a Certified Equipment Coach and saddle tester, offer you help with testing a new or used saddle, other equipment and feed for your horse.

My goal is to help you find the right equipment for you and your horse and get you to perform at the top!

I have three key words for you who want to succeed with your horse and get the most out of it.

- Use well-fitting equipment
- Make sure you have a good feed for your horse
- Get a good farrier, with whom you can brainstorm ideas and who listens to your horse's needs.


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