KAVAL saddlery in New York City

Destination for riders & those who appreciate equestrian style

Launched in October 2017, KAVAL is the new modern luxury e-commerce destination for riders and those who appreciate equestrian style. KAVAL sees riding as more than a sport - it is a highly encompassing way of life whether one is a ranked athlete, a weekend warrior or a pony parent. Focusing initially on apparel and accessories for women and young riders but with plans to expand far beyond those categories, KAVAL will always deliver a combination of authentic staples and new discoveries from the best brands around the world.

Pace, Line and Balance informed the company's early branding efforts and those principles will continue to guide KAVAL as it grows. The company is a personal one - a journey for the team in place and hopefully, a welcoming and consistent destination for customers. Not unlike the stables.

KAVAL. The Equestrian Edit.

Danielle Levine, KAVAL's founder, always loved horses as a child but didn't start riding until she was in her mid-20s. Since then, the barn has been her happy place. In her own mind, she rides like a world-class athlete. In reality, she is a weekend jumper who can sometimes be terrified of a cavaletti. Danielle started  to bring the kind of shopping experience that exists in the "outside world" into equestrian life. The possibilities are endless, and we all hope you will join #TeamKAVAL as we embark on this adventure.


1 Little West 12th Street Suite 512
NY 10014, New York, NJ, US


Tel: (917) 288-4144
Email: [email protected]
WebSite: https://kaval.com/

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