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Nordgrad is an owner-managed equestrian shop with high quality standards for the offered products. Due to decades of passion for the Icelandic horses, Nordgrad has a focus on that specific sector and became one of the leading equipment, accessories and clothing specialists in the Icelandic horse scene. The love for the horse in harmony with nature and the resulting "being outside" in wind and weather is what drives the Nordgrad-Team every day. Functional equipment for horse and rider plays an important role in this "shared experience", whether for leisure or sport, and are the basic idea behind the products offered by Nordgrad. Horse Pilot, with its innovative and high-quality products, fits in perfectly in the clothing sector and is an integral part of the Nordgrad range. With customers in Germany and Europe, Nordgrad sees itself as a -manufacturer neutral- supplier of selected, functional and high-quality products, which are offered at selected national and international events, in an online shop and sales premises in D-76359 Marxzell - Burbach.


Am Dobelblick 33
76359, Marxzell-Burbach, DE


Tel: ( 0 72 48) 93 49 22

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